How a good gossip makes women healthier

200x190.jpgIn news which will come as a surprise to absolutely no-one, scientists claim women enjoy gossiping and dishing dirt.

However, they now think chatting with girlfriends can also make women happier and healthier.

Tests by the University of Michigan showed that talking to friends boosts the level of progesterone produced by a woman's body - a hormone which makes them feel better and reduces anxiety or stress.

The increased hormone levels are also said to make women more willing to help other people ... so maybe when she comes off the phone it is a good time to ask for a cup of tea.
In the study 160 female college students had their progesterone levels tested before they completed tasks designed to elicit feelings of emotional closeness or a task that was emotionally neutral.

The progesterone levels of women who had engaged in the emotionally neutral tasks tended to decline, while those of women who engaged in the task designed to elicit closeness either remained the same or increased.

Researcher Stephanie Brown said: "It's important to find the links between biological mechanisms and human social behavior.

"These links may help us understand why people in close relationships are happier, healthier, and live longer than those who are socially isolated."

"Many of the hormones involved in bonding and helping behavior lead to reductions in stress and anxiety in both humans and other animals. Now we see that higher levels of progesterone may be part of the underlying physiological basis for these effects."

University of Michigan     
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