WebWill: Use Twitter from beyond the grave

200x190.jpgA service which lets you Tweet and update you Facebook status after your death is set to be launched.

'WebWill' allows users to prepare messages on Twitter, Facebook and Myspace which will be automatically updated if they come to an untimely end.

After the system is informed of your mortal demise (from a pre-registered contact) it then updates your services which can include a blog post or spooky email to a list of friends.

The service also allows the web profiles of the recently departed to be handed over to a friend or family member.

At least this means your lasting legacy to the interweb doesn't have to be your Tweet "Going skydiving today, can't wait."
Swedish design student Lisa Granberg - who came up with the idea while studying at Beckmans College of Design - says it allows people to decide what happens with their online profiles after they're gone.

How would you like to be remembered on the internet after shedding your mortal coil, or what message would you like WebWill to send? Let us know in the comments.

I quite like the idea of a Tweet timed five minutes after my burial saying "Let me out, I'm still alive."

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