Speed camera makes £1 million in five months

200x190.jpgA single speed camera in London has generated over £1million in speeding fines in just five months, it has been revealed.

The camera - installed to snap motorists as they sped through roadworks on the A316 - was set to catch drivers doing more than 30mph on the road which normally has a 50mph limit.

It caught over 16,000 drivers (that's over 100 each day) who were fined and issued around 50,000 penalty points collectively.

Works at the site in Hanworth, South-West London were said to include improving road signs and markings, putting in more street lighting.

A spokesperson for the organization which installed the camera was unavailable for comment ... but his call waiting music was "Money Money Money" by ABBA.
The details of the money generate was released by Metropolitan Police Force following a Freedom of Information request.

Metropolitan Police   

Picture Credit: Andrew Dunn under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0 License
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