Pam Anderson named sexiest celebrity mom

200x190.jpgPamela Anderson and Sharon Stone have been named as the sexiest single celebrity moms.

Dating website quizzed male and female members about which famous single mothers they found the hottest.

Pamela Anderson topped the vote from men with Sharon Stone coming second. Women reversed these positions, putting Sharon Stone on top, so to speak.

Other sexy celeb moms on the lists included, Kate Hudson, Kate Moss, Britney Spears and Reese Witherspoon.

A spokesperson for said: "Pamela Anderson and Sharon Stone juggle the rigors of solo parenting with the demands of their busy careers, and still manage to look sexy even when they're just out running errands with their kids.
"It's really difficult to be a single Mom, and it's even harder to be a single Mom and find the time to stay in shape and look great."

Votes from Men
Pamela Anderson          16.9%
Sharon Stone                 15.3%
Kate Hudson                  10.2%
Reese Witherspoon         8.5%
Denise Richards              8.5%
Liv Tyler                           7.2%
Sheryl Crow                     6.8%
Minnie Driver                   5.1%
Bridget Moynahan           4.5%
Britney Spears                 3.2%
Kate Moss                       1.7%

Votes from Women
Sharon Stone                 18.2%
Pamela Anderson          18.2%
Reese Witherspoon       13.6%
Kate Hudson                  11.4%
Liv Tyler                           9.1%
Britney Spears                 8.6%
Sheryl Crow                     7.4%
Denise Richards              4.5%
Bridget Moynahan           3.8%
Kate Moss                       2.3%
Minnie Driver                   1.5%

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