Man gets £22,000 bill for watching Top Gear

A man was landed with a bill for £21,716 after using his mobile phone connection to watch episodes of Top Gear.

Will Pierce had gone on a skiing holiday with his son to the French Alps but found the evenings boring because they did not have any English-language TV channels in the apartment.

As a result they decided to watch the Jeremy Clarkson show Top Gear over the internet on Will's laptop using his £25 per month Vodafone data card plan.

But after returning from the five day 'boys holiday' to Meribel Will received the monster phone bill for a whopping £21,716.

The 42-year old said he was shocked at being charged the price of a new car to watch the hit BBC motoring show which worked out to over £5,000 per episode.
A spokesperson for Vodafone said they had agreed on this occasion to waive the fee.

"It appears that the customer downloaded a considerable amount of data and was not on the appropriate price plan which would have covered him for such use," they added.

"We would always advise any customer going abroad to check with their service provider that they are on a plan that includes using the internet and downloads while in another country, and that they check the amount of data included in the plan.

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