Magic mirror doesn't reverse images

Boffins have invented the world's first 'true reflection' mirror which does not reverse the image it reflects.

Inventor Andrew Hicks says it uses a series of microscopic curves to 'correct' the image rather than simply bouncing back light like a normal mirror.

The maths whizz from Drexel University in the US used complex computer algorithms to find the dimensions needed to make his invention work.

While the the mirror could make brushing your teeth disorienting it is ideal for people who want to read text on their t-shirts while still wearing them.
200x190.jpg... whether this is big enough demographic to make it a viable business is yet to be seen.

The 42-year-old has spent the past eight years developing a range of clever mirrors which create different effects.

One captures a full 360 degree scene without distorting objects while another only reflects infrared light.

He has also made a 'Driver-side mirror' which provides a massive 45 degree field of view compared to 17 degrees in most car wing mirrors.

Drexel University
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