Giant rabbit gives police 10 minute hop around

A giant white rabbit became the unsuspecting object of a 10 minute police chase when it escaped from its home.

Officers in Kent saw the 20lb bunny hopping across a town centre road in the early hours of yesterday morning.

After wiping their eyes in disbelief, they hoped to it and set about trying to catch the rabbit which was causing traffic chaos in Northgate, Canterbury.

But after 10 minutes they had been unable to capture the criminal mastermind and the cops had to call in reinforcements, eight members of the public.

With ten pairs of hands the bunny was soon detained ... after all it did only have a harebrained get-away scheme.
The rabbit, nicknamed 'Tiny' by officers has was taken to a RSPCA animal hospital and will be looked after until his owner comes forward, but not before PC Matt Jackson had his picture taken with him.

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