Professor investigates whoopee cushions

An acoustics professor is investigating the science behind whoopee cushions and what makes them sound funny.

Prof Trevor Cox wants to advance human understanding of faux flatulence by finding the funniest fart noise and has set up a website asking people to rank 20 sounds.

"For too long acoustic engineers have concentrated on issues such as concert hall acoustics, it is about time we got to the bottom of some more important fundamental issues," he said.  

Lets just hope his research doesn't hit a 'bum note' with other academics at the University of Salford.
"We've developed some theories about why one whoopee cushion sound is funnier than another, and to test these theories we need thousands of people to cast their votes on the site before Red Nose Day," he added.

Visitors to his site are encouraged to donate to the appeal and can watch short youtube videos revealing the secret science of whoopee cushions.

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