Most first dates are arranged over SMS

Sending a text message is now the most popular way to ask someone out on a first date, a survey has found.

33 percent of people said they would opt for sending an SMS when asking someone out for the first time, rather than speaking to them face-to-face.

Worried about getting embarrassed if asking them out in person, or on the phone, sending messages like: "Gr8 2 c u. fancy a drink tmz nite?" is becoming more and more popular.

26 percent of those quizzed said they still prefer the traditional face-to-face approach - but 20 percent claim to have asked someone out via a social network like Facebook or Twitter.

The survey of 150 people also found 13 percent of people would ask someone out via an e-mail ... and hope their would-be partner didn't hit reply to all.
A spokesperson for - who commissioned the survey  - said: "I was quite surprised as I had expected email and sites such as Facebook to be more popular. 

"I think people still feel the mobile phone is a more personal form of communication, and sending a text message is potentially far less embarrassing then making a phone call!"

How do people ask someone out on a first date

  • Text Message 35%
  • Face-to-face   26%
  • Social Network 20%
  • Email 13%
  • Telephone     6%


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