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Curious Octopus floods its aquarium

A octopus accidentally released hundreds of gallons of seawater from its tank flooding an aquarium floor.

The naughty two-spotted octopus is thought to have spent an evening tugging on a valve in its tank causing the flood at Santa Monica Pier Aquarium.

Bosses say staff arrived at work to find their offices and public areas of the attraction under several foot of water.

They tracked the flood to the tank of a "curious" octopus who is always grabbing and pulling things ... they said while she is armed (eight of them to be precise) she is not normally dangerous.

Men would rather see their partner or wife in their favourite football teams colours than a sexy set of skimpy lingerie, a survey has found.

A poll of almost 2,000 blokes found men were more turned-on by the thought of their missus in football or rugby shirts than anything else

34 percent said footie shirts were better than sexy lingerie (23 percent) or even fantasy role play costumes (16 percent.)

When asked what they would like to see their partner in 21 percent gave the predictable answer of "nothing" followed by the question "Does it have to be my partner."

LEGO business cards are mini figures

Exchanging cards can be one of the most boring parts of doing business ... but not if you are dealing with someone from LEGO.

Key staff from the Danish building block firm have their contact details printed onto the iconic minifigs.

Even better, they actually try to make the tiny LEGO character look like the person you are dealing with by matching gender, hair and glasses.

Obviously this would work even better if they company was staffed with yellow skinned square-bodied people with lumps on their head, but either way it has got to brighten up a meeting.

Ryanair may charge flyers to use toilet

200x190.jpgRyanair passengers could soon be charged £1 to use the loo on the budget airline.

Bosses today announced they were considering installing coin slots on toilet doors meaning that anyone wanting to spend a penny has to spend a pound.

The low cost Irish airline already charges people for each item of luggage and last week announced it would shut all check-in desks at airports and have passengers check in online instead.

Boss Michael O'Leary told BBC TV: "One thing we have looked at in the past and are looking at again is the posibility of maybe putting a coin slot on the door so that people may have to spend a pound to spend a penny."

But experts think the move could backfire, with pay-to-pee rules will people still shell out £6.50 or whatever it is Ryanair is currently charging for a can of Coca-Cola?

200x190.jpgWhat do you get the cat that has everything? ... how about a customised cat-flap cover ranging from a stable door to a medieval archway.

Makers say the surrounds "add style" to normally nondescript pet-flaps and can make them match a range of homes.

The Doors4Paws are the brainchild of cat owner Sarah Gildersleeve who for years said she had an unsightly cat-flap and wanted something different.

After creating a unique cover to match her modern home in Knebworth, Herts, the 40-year-old mother decided to offer them online to other cat-lovers.

Since then she has been bombarded with requests for the three designs which include 'The Stable' which looks like a tiny stable door and 'The Priory' a wooden medieval archway.

Obama family to get Portuguese water dog

President Obama's wife Michelle says the family have decided on what sort of dog their daughters will have in the White House.

Talking to People Magazine she said they would be opting for a Portuguese water dog (pictured) which are said to have a placid temperament.

"From the size perspective, they're sort of middle of the road - it's not small, but it's not a huge dog. The folks that we know who own them have raved about them," she told the mag.

She added that they would have the pooch by April but had not yet picked a name ... surely Bark Obama is an obvious choice.

Strange items travellers left in UK hotels

200x190.jpgA show jumping horse, a set of gnomes and a life-size cardboard cut-out of Lenny Henry are just some of the odd items left in hotels in 2008.

An annual assessment of lost and found rooms highlighted just how ditzy some hotel guests can be.

For example, how do you not take your wedding dress after the big day or how did another forgetful traveller get home after leaving his Porsche 911 keys behind.

Maybe the guests just have more money than sense, after all one person left a diamond Rolex watch, and another a Centurion Card, the most exclusive credit card in the world.
Toni Morris-Ditty of Travelodge said: "Each year our lost and found departments provide plenty of revelations and demonstrate what a cross section of people stay with us."

Bear sleeping bag could scare campers

200x190.jpgIf you go down to the woods today ... why not take a sleeping bag that looks like a bear.

A designer has created a furry sleeping bag which looks just like a giant grizzly bear, and you even zip it up to the mouth.

Eiko Ishizawa from Amsterdam came up with the idea for 'The Great Sleeping Bear' after hearing about a bear which escaped in Italy and now roams the Bavarian side of the Alps.

Made of fake fur with a foam filled head the £1,800 sleeping bag is less vicious and features rubber teeth and nose with realistic glass eyes.

World's daftest names announced

Terry Bull, Anna Sasin, Chris Cross and Doug Hole, they may sound like names used by Bart Simpson in a prank phone call to Moe, but they are all real people.

After a month long search a list of Britain's most unfortunate names has been announced, some of them you won't believe, but trust us, we are not Jo King ... whoever she is. 

Wacky names included, Justin Case, Barb Dwyer, Sonny Day, and spare a thought for the woman who keeps having to write Hazel Nutt on forms.

A spokesperson for TheBabyWebsite who carried out the search said: "When the parents of some of those people mentioned named their children, many probably didn’t even realise the implications at the time. 

"However, we can't help but smile when we imagine someone having to give their full name.

Cirque du Soleil launch workout routines

A new gym workout in which exercisers swing from ropes while making shapes with their bodies has been launched by Cirque du Soleil.

The JUKARI Fit to Fly classes draw on circus skills and are said to offer cardio, strength, balance and core training.

The hour-long classes - which are being taught in 12 countries - were developed in conjunction with Reebok and use a specialist piece of equipment called a FlySet.

This consists of a rope fixed to the ceiling with a 360 degree swivel point with two attachment loops ... Reebok hope that unlike their 1989 exercise revolution 'the step', most people won't already have one in their home.

Miniature piglets are growing (in numbers)

A rare breed of pint-sized pig is growing, at least in number, after ten new tiny piglets were born.

The tiny Pennywell Miniature piglets, which were born on Sunday night, are between just 5 inches long, under four inches in height and weigh between 450 and 500 grams. 

The specially bred animals are the result of a 15 year programme and only grow to the size of a springer spaniel making them great pets.

But breeder Chris Murray from Pennywell Farm says while celebs including Jonathan Ross and Charlotte Church have their own little oinker most people will never get the chance.

Scientists create snowflake in the lab

It may look like any other snowflake that falls from the sky, but this tiny flake has been four hundred years in the making.

US researchers say that using a complex mathematical model they have finally been able to replicate the complex growth of snow crystals. 

In nature, each snowflake begins with a bacterium or a pollutant around which water molecules come together and freeze with roughly a quintillion (one million million million) molecules making up every flake.

For 400 years scientists have tried to predict the shape of snowflakes based on temperature, humidity and other local conditions, but this is the first successful model.

Applications for the development are not yet known ... but the boffins say their dreams of a scientific snowball fight are one step closer.

Woman finds millions in her bank account

A Swedish woman thought she was quids-in (or should that be Krona-in) after finding £800million in her bank account.

Cornelia Johansson had been expecting a credit to her account after returning a purchase made on a credit card, she just wasn't expecting so much.

When she checked her balance on Tuesday morning while paying bills she found there were lots more zeros than usual. But before she had even started thinking about how to spend it, it was gone within hours.

A spokesperson for Nordea bank said: "We regret the incident. It happened due to a technical failure at a company where the customer paid with her bank card."

Bic biro artist set to draw a crowd

The work of an artist who creates stunning photo-like images with nothing but a BIC ballpoint pen is set to go on show in New York.

Each drawing is based on a photo taken at a friends party but Spanish 'Bicasso' Juan Franciso Casas meticulously sketches out the image with the humble 14p blue pens.

The 32-year-old says he can get through up to four pens when producing each of his two metre tall drawings.

30 of his works will go on show at Scope New York at the Lincoln Center next month and sell for between £750 and £4,000 each.

That's not bad when you consider he only spent £17 on the pens to create all of them.

Bible stories in Cockney rhyming slang

A teacher has recreated Bible stories using Cockney rhyming slang in a bid to get his students more interested.

Keith Park re-wrote several of the key stories, including Adam and Eve, Cain and Able and the nativity using the local London lingo.

Now he says his pupils can't get enough of reading about how God said there would be 'Big Barney Rubble' (trouble) is Adam ate the apple.

Other favorites are the stories about Cheese and Rice (Jesus Christ) and how Abel ended up brown bread (dead.)

Religious traditionalist argue the Bible should be read in its original form ... do they really think the average London teen can read Hebrew and 2000-year-old Greek?

Researchers say new footage of a weird fish with a transparent head has finally helped them to understand it.

For 50 years boffins have been baffled as to how the strange looking fish coped with eyes giving it tunnel vision of whatever was directly above its head.

But now they know the Barreleye Fish (or Macropinna microstoma, if you want to get all technical) can rotate its odd eyes within a transparent shield that covers the fish's head.

This, say the Californian scientists, means it can look up when finding food but forwards when feeding ... but can he keep one eye on the football while pretending to listen to the wife?

Advert breaks make viewers enjoy TV shows

Sitting through boring TV commercial breaks could mean viewers enjoy the show they are watching even more, claim researchers.

Scientists conducted a series of experiments into how we watch TV shows and found our enjoyment generally diminishes throughout the duration of the show.

But the tests also showed that if the programme was disrupted - whether by ads or a blank screen - the enjoyment level increased after each break.

The team from a variety of US universities say that younger viewers benefitted more from the interruptions especially when watching slow paced shows. 

After hearing the odd news makers of Dancing on Ice announced the show would from now on be divided by 15 advert break, making the show just about watchable.

Italian town hosts Battle of the Oranges

Thousands of people took to the streets of a quite town in Italy to pelt each other with fruit in a annual celebration.

The 'Battle of the Oranges' - which dates back to the Middle Ages - sees locals and tourists in Ivrea divided into nine teams for the massive food fight.

6,000 people spend hours throwing oranges at each other in the battle  which represents rebellious commoners who threw away beans given to them by the feudal lord.

Bystanders who want to watch but not get hit by oranges are advised to buy and wear a red cap ... but the chances are with that many oranges flying around you will still end up orange and sticky, just like your new red cap.

Shark attacks decline during recession

While an economic recession brings with it plenty of bad things at least shark attacks are down.

Yes that's right, researchers believe the recession is responsible for a current slump in the number of shark attacks, their lowest level in five years. 

George Burgess of the University of Florida says fewer are people making trips to the beach or going on holiday, meaning they are less possible shark attack victims.

"I can't help but think that contributing to that reduction may have been the reticence of some people to take holidays and go to the beach for economic reasons," he said. 

Isn't it nice to finally hear about an optimistic scientist who looks for the positive in something rather than trying to prove that everything gives you cancer.

3D TV your fingers are the remote control

A new 3D television which will let viewers change channel and control the volume by waving their arms in the air, is set to be launched.

The iPoint 3D will also use gesture recognition to allow users to interact with objects which appear to 'come out' of the screen.

Cameras built into the TV recognition device monitor your hands and fingers recognizing pre-programmed movements to trigger actions instantly.

Makers also say that unlike many similar devices users will not need to wear 3D glasses or a data glove to use the TV, which is good, no-one wants to look like a bad sci-fi extra while watching EastEnders.

A giant white rabbit became the unsuspecting object of a 10 minute police chase when it escaped from its home.

Officers in Kent saw the 20lb bunny hopping across a town centre road in the early hours of yesterday morning.

After wiping their eyes in disbelief, they hoped to it and set about trying to catch the rabbit which was causing traffic chaos in Northgate, Canterbury.

But after 10 minutes they had been unable to capture the criminal mastermind and the cops had to call in reinforcements, eight members of the public.

With ten pairs of hands the bunny was soon detained ... after all it did only have a harebrained get-away scheme.

A man has been arrested after trying to smuggle 44 reptiles - including endangered snakes and lizards - onto a plane in Australia.

The 24-year-old had been trying to sneak the animals onto a flight to Bangkok where it is thought they would have sold for up to £90,000 on the black market.

He had even boarded the flight, but customs officers spotted the snakes during an x-ray screening of his baggage, and hauled him off the plane.

On closer inspection - by which we mean at arms length and with protective gloves - they found 24 Shingleback Lizards, 16 Bluetongue Lizards, three Black Headed Pythons and one Albino Carpet Python amongst the man's socks.

Dope: Cannabis grower caught by YouTube

A potty cannabis grower was arrested by police ... after posting a series of videos showing his illegal drugs factory on YouTube.

The 25-year-old man had been recording the videos to document the growth of his horticultural endeavours for a number of months.

In addition to filming lots of incriminating shots of Cannabis plants and explaining how he was growing it, the green-fingered film maker even used his REAL name making it incredibly east for police to find him.   

After tracking him down - which took all of five minutes - police from Avon and Somerset raided his home seizing cannabis plants and drug making equipment.

Officers say the man was "extremely surprised" at his arrest and even more so that police had gathered information on YouTube ... he thought they would be on Facebook.

Woolies Pick 'n' Mix sells for £14,500

The last bag of Woolworths Pic N Mix has been sold online for a whopping £14,500 making them the world's most expensive sweets.

The 800g bag of sweets contained rhubarb & custards, strawberry bon-bons, Turkish delight, white mice and fizzy cola bottles.

It was collected by Woolworths store manager Ed Adams just before he closed his high street store for the final time.

"I spotted at least a bag’s worth of Pic N Mix was left in the counter just before I closed the shop for the last time," he said.

After putting the item on eBay bidding started at 99p, but soon began to rise with over 100 people bidding, it finished at £14,500 ... about the same price Woolies would have charged. 

Paris Hilton and Mike Myers sweep Razzies

Paris Hilton and Mike Myers have scooped a number of movie awards this weekend ... as you can tell by Hilton's inclusion it wasn't the Oscars.

The pair pocketed five of the 29th annual Golden Raspberries, a spoof prize given to movie stinkers.

Myers' The Love Guru, didn't get much love from voters and was given the worst picture award and he got worst actor for his starring performance.

But it was sex-tape celeb Paris Hilton who was the big loser winner getting a hat-trick of awards.

This puts her on a par with Eddie Murphy who got three Razzies in 2007 ... and even for Paris being compared with a post-1994 Eddie Murphy is never a good thing.

The oddest book titles of 2008

'Baboon Metaphysics', 'Curbside Consultation of the Colon' and 'Strip and Knit with Style' are just some of the books battling it out to become the oddest book title of 2008.

The Bookseller magazine each year highlights some of the publications with odd titles with readers voting for the weirdest.

The Diagram Prize has been running since 1978 and has seen some odd, weird and downright wacky book titles such as last years winner 'If You Want Closure In Your Relationship, Start With Your Legs.'

Other finalists for the 2008 title are 'The Large Sieve and its Applications,' 'Techniques for Corrosion Monitoring' and The 2009-2014 World Outlook for 60-milligram Containers of Fromage Frais.

This year they say it was even more difficult to narrow the selection down to just six finalists ... they didn't even have room for 'Excrement in the Late Middle Ages' and 'All Dogs Have ADHD.'

Hamsters in jackets create electricity

Scientists have produced tiny jackets for hamsters to wear when they run, in a bid to solve the energy crisis.

The boffins say the jackets - which have nano-generators attached - can be used to convert irregular biomechanical energy into electricity.

Prof Zhong Lin Wang, of Georgia University's Nano Research Group hopes that one day the tech could be used to capture power produced by humans, possibly by having the nano-generators implanted.

Unfortunately at the moment it would take over 1,000 running hamsters to power your mobile phone ... and you will never fit all of them in your pocket will you?

Credit crunch engagement and wedding rings

Marks and Spencer have started selling credit crunch priced engagement and wedding rings - just £18 for the set.

Ideal for recession romantics the platinum plated rings feature what M&S describe as "dazzling diamanté" and are guaranteed to "add instant sparkling style."

The rings are considerably cheaper than the average £1,400 for engagement rings and £450 for wedding bands, but then again they do have the M&S logo in place of a hallmark.

A spokeswoman for the high-street store said the rings look really beautiful and that most people would not know the rings do not have real diamonds.

That's what she said but what she thought was, "If my boyfriend even jokes about getting me one of these he is a dead man."

Lost Atlantis NOT found on Google Earth

Claims that the lost city of Atlantis had been found on Google Earth have had cold water poured on them by the search engine.

Experts had spotted a "grid of streets" on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean 620 miles off the coast of north west Africa, which they thought could be the lost city.

It was claimed that the rectangular markings - around the size of Wales - could even indicate the street layout of the sunken city.

But Google today said the marking were in fact the path that boats collecting Bathymetric sea floor terrain data.

In other news no-one has seen Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster on Google Earth either.

Good Vibrations puts us in the holiday mood

The Beach Boys' classic 'Good Vibrations' has been named the song most likely to put people in the holiday mood.

Despite the gloomy weather 19 percent of people surveyed said hearing the 1966 tune would pick them up and make them think of being on holiday.

The survey of 1,000 people - commissioned by Jet2holidays.com - saw Cliff Richard's 'Summer Holiday' come second with 15%, 'Club Tropicana' by Wham! third with 11%.

The travel website is now paying buskers across the UK to play the top 5, which also includes Ricky Martin's 'Livin La Vida Loca' and' Summer Nights' by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John.

Given that the cities where the buskers will play include Newcastle, Manchester and Leeds we can't help but think that 'Singing in the Rain' could be a more accurate selection.

Sacre Bleu! Runaway horse stuns Paris

A military horse guarding the French president's palace in Paris stunned tourists when it threw off it's rider and galloped around the city.

Garibaldi - part of France's Republican Guard - charged through busy Parisian streets and along the River Seine dodging cars and pedestrians on it's 15 minute 3 mile run.

Police were eventually able to bring the animal under control and is now being treated for minor cuts and bruises picked up on the gallop.

It is not known what spooked the horse ... but it could have been tourists talking about where they can eat horse meat.

Professor investigates whoopee cushions

An acoustics professor is investigating the science behind whoopee cushions and what makes them sound funny.

Prof Trevor Cox wants to advance human understanding of faux flatulence by finding the funniest fart noise and has set up a website asking people to rank 20 sounds.

"For too long acoustic engineers have concentrated on issues such as concert hall acoustics, it is about time we got to the bottom of some more important fundamental issues," he said.  

Lets just hope his research doesn't hit a 'bum note' with other academics at the University of Salford.

Rampaging sex-crazed bull elephants could be controlled by faking the vibrations in the ground normally made by a fertile female.

When 'in musth' (a sate of sexual arousal) even normally calm male elephants will charge at anything which crosses their path, causing chaos for nearby villages and farms.

But now experts think they have come up with clever way of redirecting the testosterone filled over amorous giants.

Professor O'Connell-Rodwell, from Stanford University says that as elephants 'listen' with their feet it is possible to play a sound into the ground tricking them into thinking there is a possible mate nearby.

Just make sure he doesn't catch you, because the only thing worse than being confronted by a randy 6,000kg beast is  being confronted by a randy 6,000kg beast who has just found out you were lying.

Teenagers who are asked to turn down the volume of their iPods are more likely to turn them up higher instead, researchers have found.

A team from the University of the obvious Colorado made the 'discovery' as part of a study into teens listening habits.

The study also found that boys listen louder than girls, and those who know the risks loud music has on hearing loss actually play their music at higher levels.

Other finds included that teen are less able to judge how loud their music is and up to 24 percent listen a levels which put them at risk of permanent hearing loss. 

All of this should mean if you tell your teen 'Can you turn that up, did you know loud music is good for your hearing' they will probably turn it off and start reading a book.

The best bacon sandwich in Britain

A roadside cafe is set to become a destination in itself after judges named it the best place in the UK to get a bacon sandwich.

Bob's Big Bite in Stourbridge has been awarded the title of being home of 'Britain's best bacon sarnie' by the AA.

Judges spent a grueling 30 days touring the UK eating nothing but bacon sandwiches at 50 venues to find the nations best.

Deciding judge Andy Taylor - who was AA’s patrolman of the year - went around all the suggestions, which had been made by other patrol teams.

As the AA was also looking for the 'Best Cuppa' (Mega Bites in Portsmouth) they also thought it sensible to look for the ‘Best Toilet’ (Mickey’s Diner, Kent.) 

Zipper dress can be worn 100 ways

A designer has created a 'credit crunch dress' which can be adapted to make over a hundred different outfits.

Sebastian Errazuriz claims his creation can take the form of everything from a evening dress to a t-shirt, or even a belt.

However you will have to like your outfits with a lot of zips because the 'Zippper N3' is made out of 120 of them.

The 31-year-old designer is currently meeting with clothing firms about mass producing the dress ... shouldn't he be meeting with zip manufacturers?

Women more likely to stalk exes online

Women are far more likely than men to stalk ex partners online, with 62 percent admitting to having looked up a former love interest.

Many women even say they repeatedly use sites such as Facebook, Myspace and Twitter to monitor what their exes are up to.

Jilted lovers in Newcastle stalk their former partners most - according to the poll of 1,700 people - with 72 percent there owning up to it, followed by Liverpool and London each with 68 percent. 

Asked why they were searching for info about an ex 57 percent said it was curiosity with 21 percent admitting jealousy.

My heart goes out to all those bunnies which are getting digitally boiled.

Futuristic home uses medieval techniques

A house designed using a medieval building technique could also be the eco-house of the future.

The £800k arch house, unveiled in Kent, uses 'timbrel vaulting' - first developed more than 600 years ago - meaning it requires no central heating or cooling systems.

Experts think the technique, where the 'roof' is covered with earth and plants, could be the key to zero-carbon housing because fossil fuels are not needed to heat it.

Architect Richard Hawkes, who built the house for his family, says he can't wait to settle in ... and that there's no place like dome.

Geography professor 'finds' Osama Bin Laden

An American geography professor claims he has used knowledge of how species spread to locate Osama Bin Laden. 

Using biogeographic theories associated with the distribution of life (whatever that means) the boffin says he has tracked Bin Laden to Parachinar, a town 12 miles from the Pakistan border.

Thomas Gillespie from the University of California and his team came to this conclusion by considering Bin Laden's physical characteristics, medical needs (dialysis machine), security requirement and last known position.

This data was then crossed with satellite-aided geographic analysis to produce the suggested location, which is being passed on to US army chiefs.

Gillespie added that Bin Laden is unlikely to be in a cave because of his height, security preferences and need for electricity, yeah without that how would he charge his video camera and play on his Nintendo Wii.

Jimmy Choo collection left at charity shop

A charity store is fighting off female shoppers after a mysterious donor gave them a collection of Jimmy Choo shoes.

A bag containing four brand new pairs of the desirable shoes, worth £2,000, was left outside the Oxfam charity shop in Suffolk last week.

The designer shoes - which are being sold at half their normal price - are on shelves next to worn loafers selling for £6.99.

Staff at the store say they were surprised to find the collection on their doorstep but also at the level of interest they have received. 

But it is a bit like watching Cinderlla's ugly sisters trying on the glass slipper ... the Jimmy Choos are a size 3 1/2, way too tiny for most would-be wearers.

Facebook affair hoax man drove 400 miles

A man - thinking he was about to have a night of passion - was conned into driving 400 miles by rival football fans.

Stuart Slann, a 39-year-old Manchester United fan, was set-up by two rival Liverpool supporters who he had previously met on a holiday.

Posing on Facebook as a Scottish woman called Emma the prankster pair sent Stuart a series of saucy messages before asking him to meet for a night of passion.

Stuart, who is thought to be married, jumped at the chance to meet 'Emma' and drove from his home in Sheffield to Aberdeen, 400 miles and 10 hours away.

But when he got there, he received a phone call not from a horny Emma, but the two guys who had set him up.

World's fastest number typing from 1 to 50

A man has set a new world record for typing the numbers from 1 to 50 in the fastest possible time.

Hind Al Mulla managed to type the numbers - complete with a full stop in between each number - in just 16.3 seconds.

What Al Mulla, from the United Arab Emirates, plans to do with his new found skill is uncertain, but at least he bagged himself a spot in the Guinness World Records book. 

Well that took me 34 seconds, what's your best time? ... I know you have got nothing better to be doing, after all you are reading this.

Scientists to uncover Geordies thick skin

Scientists are trying to discover how Geordies are able to brave the cold ... and why they never wear coats.

People in Newcastle and the North East are renowned for going out skimpy dressed for a night on the town even in the depths of winter.

But now researchers from the Centre of Life are spending 10 days looking into how Geordies are able to wear so little.

They are surveying Geordies about their lack of coat-wearing with questions like 'When you go out on the town, do you wear a coat?' and 
'What would persuade you to wear a coat on a night out?'

Questions also include 'When is the right time of year for girls to wear a mini skirt?' ... oddly the option of all-year-round seems to be missing.

Rinspeed reveal shape-shifting sports car

A Swiss engineering firm best known for their underwater car are at it again, this time with a shape-shifting sports car.

The iChange from Rinspeed starts out as an eco-friendly streamlined single-seater sports car which can do 0-60mph in four seconds, until you press a button...

Then car then transforms itself into a three-seater popping up at the rear to give more space, but is still capable of doing 136mph thanks to an electric-powered, zero-emissions engine.

If that wasn't odd enough for you the iChange has also done away with doors (they are so 20th century) the roof now tilts to let you in. Also drivers will use their iPhone rather than a conventional ignition or control system.

VIDEO: The Simpsons gets a new HD intro

After 19 years and more than 400 episodes The Simpsons has been given all new opening titles, now in HD'oh!

The new intro has been produced by FOX TV to mark the hit cartoon's switch to High Definition for all future episodes.

While many of the scenes remain there are now even more in-jokes and though the characters have not aged thet have been brought up to date.

The twins are now plays on a Nintendo DS as Lisa gets kicked out of the music lesson and Homer even gets a big screen TV (until it falls off the wall).

Like the 1989 original Bart is still writing line on the blackboard "HDTV is worth every cent" this week, and Maggie still gets swiped through the till at the supermarket.

Lost walker saved thanks to camera flash

A man who got lost while walking on the Isle of Lewis was saved by a flash of inspiration ... well the flash on his mobile phone.

Malcolm Murray, 23, had been trekking on Barvas Moor in Scotland when a fog descended causing him to become disorientated and lost.

After 10 hours he contacted the coastguard from his mobile phone and a helicopter was dispatched, but because of the fog they struggled to locate him.

On hearing the chopper Murray is understood to have repeatedly taken pictures with his mobile phone camera triggering the flash as a signal of where he was.

At least that is the story he is sticking to, for all we know he could have been trying to take a picture to send to his mates.

A train station has banned romantic farewells and passionate partings by outlawing kisses on their platforms - because it holds up commuters.

Warrington Bank Quay Station says the bizarre ban on puckering-up was brought in because kissing couples were causing delays to train schedules.

Bosses have installed 'No Kissing' signs at the taxi rank to keep passionate passengers in check and have even created a designated kissing area.

They have not stated how rule breakers will be disciplined ... and looking at the signs it is not clear if it only applies to people wearing odd hats and with cartoon-style haircuts.

Airport tantrum woman in YouTube hit

A video of a hysterical passenger screaming and throwing herself to the floor after missing a flight has become an internet hit.

The woman - now known as 'crazy airport lady' - is seen running towards the departure gate at Hong Kong where she was due to fly to San Francisco.

But when she finds out she is too late and the plane has boarded she starts  screaming in Chinese, banging on the desk and throws herself to the floor.

As befitting any public act of craziness the madness was recored on a mobile phone and uploaded to YouTube where over 550,000 people have watched in the last three days.

Galaxy is loaded with Earth-like planets

Our galaxy is loaded with Earth-like planets each of which could be supporting Extra Terrestrial life, a leading astronomer said yesterday.

Experts speaking at a science conference in the US think we could even find the first one in the next FOUR years.

In recent years more than 300 new planets beyond our solar system have been found, and researchers think it is only a matter of time before a habitable world is discovered.

Dr Alan Boss from the Carnegie Institution for Science believes each Sun-like star has on average one Earth-like planet meaning are billions out there. 

With the potential for there to be millions of alien life-forms out there isn't it rude that they don't come and visit?

Visiting a zoo makes a better Valentine's Day date than a romantic meal or a weekend away, is has been claimed.

Experts say seeing animals can tug at your heartstrings and ensure cupid's arrow strikes.

We give up, we were just trying to find any old excuse to show you some cute pictures of animals in love. Here they are ...

Don't be a hater breh, there's a bare of seen stuff on Bebo, you know?

Chances are that made no sense to you, but don't worry, at least you now know why Harper Collins went to Bebo users to find out what slang the 'yoot' are using today.

The publishers are asking the young users of social networking website what slang words should be included in the new edition of the Collins English Dictionary.

After shortlisting words and phrases on the suggestion of a panel of 14-18-year-olds users of the site will now vote for their favs.

Words include bare (a lot of), seen (cool), mugged (taken the p*ss out of), fiend (addict) or hater (negative person)

Neanderthals didn't mate with humans

Scientists studying the Neanderthal genome say there is no evidence that the ancient species ever mated with modern humans.

The DNA research - critical to understanding human evolution - is looking at how Neanderthals and humans differed, despite sharing between 99.5% to 99.9% of our DNA sequence.

Experts say that by analyzing genetic info they can better understand Neanderthals who lived alongside modern humans until 30,000 years ago.

A shared gene associated with speech and language in modern humans had been found meaning the two species could have communicated, and some suggest mated.

But the boffins now claim this was not the case as humans have not inherited any Neanderthal DNA.  <insert your own Wayne Rooney joke here>

Pillow Fight League - let the feathers fly

When you think of a pillow fight this is probably not the sort of image that springs to mind, but in the USA they take it seriously.

They have even set up the PFL (Pillow Fight League) where hundreds of fans regularly gather to watch the female fighters knock the stuffing out of each other.

Fighters - with names like 'Carmen Monoxide' and Olivia Neutro-bomb' win matches via pinfall, surrender, referee stoppage or on points where they are judged on style and stamina. 

Given there are so many pillows being used, no-one looks particularly comfortable do they?

Prosthetic limbs get sexy with new design

A designer has come up with plans for a "sexy" range of prosthetic limbs which he says can turn a handicap into a high-performance, cybernetic fashion statement.

Hans Alexander Huseklepp, from Norway claims his designs, called 'immaculate' could revolutionize the fake limb market.

Immaculate, says the industrial design student, is a state of the art neurological prosthetic, which could connect to a wearers central nervous system allowing control of the hand.

Unlike many current prosthetic arms it does not try to blend in with a flesh-colored plastic and instead looks more like a prop from a sci-fi movie like iRobot.

But wearers will not have an excuse for being late, there's a digital watch built into the arm.

Job freeze: Antarctic jobs up for grabs

Adventure seeking tradesmen could have a new way of beating the credit crunch, as long as they don't mind the cold.

The British Antarctic Survey is advertising for 40 carpenters, electricians, plumbers, chefs and technicians to work at their Antarctic research stations 

While the £23,000 starting salary might not sound great, you won't get much of a chance to spend your earnings, because there are no shops there.

Anyway you would probably be too cold to get your wallet out of your pocket,  the average temperature is around -20C.

The BAS run a recruitment drive each year but are now experiencing massive demand because of the credit crunch, people are think if their salary is frozen any way, why not work in the Antarctic.

Hindu group to release cow urine drink

A fizzy drink made out of cow urine is set to be released by India's Hindu nationalist movement.

They claim the "cow water" drink - they really should have called it Cowla - can help drinkers fight a number of diseases, including cancer.

To make the drink cow urine will be mixed with herbs such as aloe vera and gooseberry ... and makers promise it will not still smell of pee.

They are so convinced by the strength of their product they even think the drink could rival the sales of Coca Cola and Pepsi in India.

Asked if they thought it could take off in the UK, drinkers didn't beef about, they said it must be a p*ss take.

School offers pole dancing for parents

A primary school has started offering mothers of pupils lessons in pole dancing, claiming it will help their children's grades.

Moms are invited to take part in the evening lessons where they are taught to swing around on the pole and perform saucy poses.

Bosses at Woodlands Primary school in Gillingham, Kent say that by getting parents more involved in events at the school, their children will also have a greater interest.

Lets just hope the 'greater interest' they develop isn't in watching their friends mothers gyrate around a pole.

Baby seal has developed a fish phobia

Meet Heidi, the four-week-old seal cub ... who is scared of fish.

Fish and in particular herring should be the main part of a common grey seal's diet but little Heidi seems to have developed a phobia of fish. 

She was taken in by a sea life sanctuary weighing just 13kg after being abandoned by her mother on a beach in Norfolk a couple of weeks ago.

But staff there say she refuses to eat her natural diet of raw herring and even runs away from the fish when she sees them.

European Commission officials have been promised warned they could be the target of 'pretty blonde spies.'

A statement told them a number of agencies and organization were trying to seek sensitive and clasified information from the EU body which drafts legislation.

In the note it was claimed the threat of espionage against the commission was growing "day by day" and that the intelligence officers could take a number of guises.

Commission spokeswoman Valerie Rampi said this could be "the pretty trainee with the long legs and the blonde hair."

Oddly the canteen at the European Commission in Brussels was today filled with middle-aged male politicians speaking very loudly about how much sensitive information they knew.

Lesbian Batwoman in comic book comeback

Holy Cow! Batwoman is set to make a comic book comeback as a red-headed lesbian crime fighter.

DC Comics are to reintroduce the sexy superhero in at least 12 issues after apparently killing off Bruce Wayne and Batman last year.

Bosses say Batwoman - alter ego Kathy Kane - is "a lesbian socialite by night and a crime-fighter by later in the night."

While they outed her in a story in 2006 as a former lover of Gotham City police detective Renee Montoya this is the first time she will have featured heavily in the comics.

Wearing a skintight suit with red boots she will be the DC's first openly gay superhero ... baring in mind the average superhero outfit I think the word 'openly' is key here.

A deserted island which is the shape of a heart has become a valentine holiday hit ... after being spotted on Google Earth.

Owner Vlado Juresko did not even realize the islands almost perfect heart shape until he had requests from people who wanted to stay there.

Having seen 'Galesnjak' on the popular mapping site a number of people decided they wanted to visit for their honeymoon or on Valentine's Day.

Juresko, never one to miss out on an opportunity, has renamed the 110,000 square metre island "Lovers' Island" and started renting it out.

He is now inundated with requests and says he wishes he had known what the island looked like earlier. If only there had been a way to look at land masses before the internet, oh yeah, MAPS.

Watching HDTV can help fight depression

Psychologists claim watching HD TV can help beat the winter blues and improves the psychological well being of viewers.

They say programmes with vivid, bright and sharply defined colours are able to 'lift our spirits and energise us.'

Donna 'renowned psychologist' Dawson - who is in no way influenced by the fact she is working for Sky TV - even suggests surround sound releasing endorphins improve your concentration.

While watching the football your new shiny high-definition TV might make you feel better, it will only last until your wife finds out how much the Sky Sports package is costing.

Hopscotch named top playground game ever

Hopscotch has been named the greatest playground game of all, by people who are too old to play it.

The simple game - in which players hop between chalk squares - was voted top in a poll of over 3,000 UK adults.

Hopscotch, which has originates from Roman military training exercises beat off competition from Hide and Seek, Conkers and British Bulldog.

Other popular pick included, Kiss Chase, Skipping, Chinese Whispers and What’s the Time Mr Wolf?

Asked if they still played hopscotch at school, one child said: "I don't, but I think my friend has got in on the Nintendo Wii."

Top soccer players unhappy with their body

Top-flight football players may be in peak physical condition, but many wish there bodies were 'more normal,' researchers have found.

The discovery came while psychologists were investigating whether athletes had a better perception and are more satisfied with their body image.

Experts from the University of the Basque Country assessed the body type of Spanish footballers and fans before asking them how they would like to improve their body.

The fans - who tended to be fatter and have less muscle mass - said they wanted to be slimmer and more defined.

But bizarrely the majority of buff football players wished they had more body fat and even wanted to look more like fans ... obviously they have never been to a Newcastle game.

Smile is the "most attractive" feature

A nice smile is the physical feature which people find most attractive, a survey has found.

A poll of over 1,000 people discovered that women ranked a smile above eyes and hair and body as most important feature in a man.

Men also ranked the smile ahead of other physical features ... indicating that their wife was standing next to them when asked.

Answering the question on their own most would have confirmed it is in fact a woman's breasts.

A spokesperson for the American Dental Association - who commissioned the survey - didn't comment on the suggestion they had fixed the vote for the smile to do so well, he just grinned.

Classic works of art recreated in Lego

An artist has recreated a number of masterpiece artworks from greats such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Andy Warhol ... in Lego.

Italian artist Marco Pece spends hours painstakingly replicating the art using Lego bickes before taking a series of photographs.

These are than enhanced on a computer to look as much like the original as possible, albeit with yellower faces.

His works - replicating those from artists like Grant Wood and Vermeer - have become a hit online and have been viewed by millions of people.

"I love to reconstruct celebrated paintings of the past, photos of great authors or movie scenes," said Marco.

For most fossil hunters finding a new species is a career defining moment ... not so for Dr Steve Sweetman, he's discovered 48 in just FOUR years.

What makes it all the more impressive is that the Portsmouth University expert didn't have to travel more than 10 miles from his boyhood home to do so.

Dr Sweetman took three-and-a-half tonnes of mud from the Isle of Wight - where he lived as a child - dried it and examined each grain under a microscope in search of tiny fossils.

The lucky expert said that in the very first sample he took he discovered a new species and they just kept coming ... prompting some to question whether he is making them up.

Fake Dalai Lama back from Twitter exile

A prankster who conned thousands of Twitter users by pretending to be the Dalai Lama has returned to the site after a brief 'exile.'

The Twitter account claiming to run by "The Office of the Dalai Lama" gained over 20,000 followers within 48 hours of being set up.

It claimed the use of Twitter was an attempt to make the Nobel Peace Prize winners teaching more assessable to a 'technologically advancing audience.'

But the account was suspended when it was discovered he was a fake - it has since returned, but with the message 'Not affiliated with the real Dalai Lama.'

The real Dalai Lama has not yet joined the popular microbloging service, leaving some to conclude that enlightenment cannot be reached in 140 characters.

Artist sells webs most important words

An artist and would-be film director hopes to raise the money to produce his first movie by selling the "1000 most important words on the web".

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but Bulgarian Nikola Raykov thinks the 1,000 words will do just fine and could secure him $100,000.

He has set up 1000wordsforsale.com which shows the top 1,000 words on the web - including 'porn', 'sex' and 'inbox' - spinning in a virtual space.

Advertisers can then 'buy' the rights to a word which means it will link to their site for the next 10 years.

Raykov hopes to use the money raised to turn his screenplay "Enter" into a full length movie ... so far he has sold just THREE words, so it could end up being quite short.

Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry has been named the greatest movie badass of all time.

A poll of movie-goers by MTV News found the iconic San Francisco Police Department inspector was film fans top renegade tough-man.

The cop - who has little regard for rules, but who always gets results - beat off "Alien" action hero, Ellen Ripley played by Sigourney Weaver and "Die Hard" badass John McClane played by Bruce Willis.

Speaking about being chosen Eastwood said: "Alright thanks. You made a good choice. Now get out ... I told you to get out. Don't hang around goddamnit!"

I guess it was a good job the reporter didn't ask Clint "Do you feel lucky punk?" before telling him whether he had won.

TV contact lenses will make you Goggle-eyed

Television fans will soon be able to watch their favourite TV shows on 'screens' in their contact lenses, experts claim.

Futurologists believe the technology will become a reality within the next decade with television lenses becoming a commonplace purchase.

Ian Pearson of the Future Laboratory who produced the future technology report says the continuing development in the miniaturisation of tech will make such device not only possible but also affordable.

He thinks the lenses - which will have a slight tint but otherwise will look and feel like normal ones - will sell for around £400 and even work when your eyes are closed.

This will mean all those people who say they would rather poke themselves in the eye than watch Coronation Street don't have to choose, they can do both.

A car which was left abandoned in a garage for almost 50 years has been sold at auction for £3million.

The 1937 Bugatti Type 57S had sat gathering dust in a Tyneside garage for half a century after its owner abandoned it.

It was only when the reclusive Newcastle doctor Harold Carr died in 2007 that the classic car was discovered by his relatives, in a very dusty state.

After wiping the dust off the car they wiped their eyes in disbelief ... and quickly registered the car for sale with Bonhams.

Regular orgasms boost a woman's career

Women who enjoy regular orgasms are more likely to be successful at work, experts have claimed.

Psychologist Dr Lisa Turner says while men lose energy through orgasm, women are empowered by them and gain clarity of thought. 

She argues that this means women who do well in the bedroom will generally also do better in the office.

"Women who orgasm regularly are healthier, can think more clearly and are more likely to be successful at work," she said.

Still I would think twice before putting it on your CV if I were you.

Fish and chips smell of ... ironing boards

Boffins say the hunger inducing aroma of a chip shop is a mix of whiffs including butterscotch, onions, cocoa ... and ironing boards. 

A team of food scientists used a process known as 'chromatography mass spectrometry' to break down the smell into components.

These were then sniffed by a 'smell expert' who recorded nine distinct whiffs.

While obvious ones such as potatoes fish and oil were present, so where more unusual odors such as butterscotch, cocoa, onion, flowers, cheese and even ironing boards.

Eco speed bumps generate power

Speed bumps which generate power when cars travel over them are set to be used to power traffic lights in the UK.

The £55,000 sleeping policemen will be tested in Ealing, West London as part of a pilot scheme - each one is capable of generating more than £20,000 worth of power over 12 months.

The 'green' device works by moving up and down as vehicles drive over them, this moves a cog under the road which turns a motor - in turn producing mechanical energy.

A steady stream of traffic passing over the bump can generate 10-36kW of power, enough to power traffic lights and put unused electricity into the national grid.

Designers add that the speed hump would not damage your car and do nut use more petrol ... but he also said claiming you were 'speeding to save the environment' wouldn't get you out of a ticket.

BBC 'sorry' over Bale F-word gaffe

The BBC has apologized after airing an unedited clip of Christian Bale's F-word littered swearing rant on BBC One's Breakfast.

They were meant to play a bleeped out version of the tape - where Bale screams at colleague for ruining a shot on the set of Terminator Salvation - but instead viewers at 6.55AM heard the unedited version.

In the foul-mouthed outburst he uses the F-work 35 times in four minutes.

Presenters Charlie Stayt and Susanna Reid gasped as the footage was played ... and looked like they were about to swear themselves at the blunder.

200x190.jpgThousands of internet users have logged onto a hoax website which claims to tan you through your computer screen.

The ComputerTan site claims to use LCD monitors to emit ultra-violet light which can give users a healthy tan. Would-be computer tanners are told their screen will display seven 'tanning' lights for 5 minutes.

But the site is actually a promotion for a skin cancer charity and after and users are actually confronted we a series of gory images showing the damage skin cancer can cause.

There goes the idea of telling women in the office they could wear a bikini to work to improve their tan.

Education minister: I must spell better

Education minister Jim Knight has admitted he must improve his spelling after a number of basic errors were spotted on his blog. 

The Cambridge graduate - who is charged with raising school standards - has a shocking number of mistakes on his site.

Blunders include spelling "received" and "archaeological" wrongly he also writes "maintenance" as "maintainence", uses "acheiving" for "achieving" and has "pernsioners" instead of "pensioners".

After he was told about the errors he wrote "In the future, I ‘must do better’ and always check my work." ... and you can bet his latest entry was spell checked before he posted it.

Before anyone says 'people in glass houses' yes we know, and we have a strict policy on spelling and grammar errors ... there must be at least one on every page.

M&S have won a 13-year £3.5million battle with taxman, about whether their chocolate teacakes are cakes or biscuits.

Marks & Spencer have for years been charged VAT on the sale of their teacakes but argued that because they are actually biscuits the bill was unjust.

In the UK VAT is charged on the sale of chocolate covered biscuits but not cakes - meaning the store could have had overpaid their tax bills by £3,500,000.

Last year the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled with M&S that they had been paying too much for 20 years and should get a refund.

Now the Law Lords in the UK have confirmed the ECJ decision that M&S was entitled to a full refund ... and that all the talk of cake and biscuits made them want a cup of tea.

VIDEO: 'Bin Laden' applies for dream job

A prankster has applied for a dream job as caretaker of an Australian island ... using a video of Osama bin Laden.

Applicants for the £70k job which involves scuba diving and feeding turtles were asked to send short videos detailing why they would be right for the position.

But amongst the 10,000 videos is one of the terror leader with subtitles saying: "I'm the ideal candidate, I enjoy the outdoors and sandy areas."

"I've got experience with videos, delegating tasks and experience with large scale event coordination," he continues.

Body language can be used to determine someone's social class, scientists claim.

Researchers say the way you talk, stand and even fidget can be used to indicate your socioeconomic status (SES) - a measure of wealth, occupation and education.

Stripping people of indicators such as cars and flash clothes psychologists from the University of California videotaped a group of people interacted in one-on-one interview sessions.

It was found that those from well-off upper SES backgrounds tended to fidget more with personal objects and doodle on bits of paper while talking.

The experts said it was easy to distinguish who came from which SES group in under 60 seconds ... those from low ones tended to say "I can see the camera, but where is Jeremy Kyle."

ITV says sorry for missing FA Cup goal

ITV has issued an apology to football fans after missing the only goal in the FA Cup fourth round replay between Everton and Liverpool.

As the game approached its climactic end ITV accidentally played a commercial break for sweets Tic-Tacs.

When the match coverage returned millions of fans discovered they had missed seeing 19-year-old Dan Gosling hit his 118th-mintue winner for Everton.

Pundit Steve Rider apologised several times on air to viewers who had seen sweet FA of the action ... and were having to watch the game on ITV 

Credit crunch lunch: You name the price

A restaurant is throwing away the food bills during the credit crunch ... and asking diners to name their own price.

Bosses at the Little Bay Restaurant in London say during February they will accept anything from 1p to £100 for the meals with punters paying only what they think the food and service is worth.

Owner Peter Ilic said: "It's entirely up to each customer whether they give £100 or a penny. All I’m asking is they pay me what they think the food and service is worth." 

So far he claims people are paying about 20 percent more than the normal menu prices for the bistro-style Mediterranean cuisine, though that could change once people have read this.

Obviously you won't want to let slip you will only be paying 1p until the food is already on your table ... you don't know what might end up in it otherwise.

Zen meditation alleviates pain

People who practice the centuries-old art of Zen meditation are less sensitive to pain than non-meditators, a study has found.

Research from the University of Montreal showed that meditators have an 18 percent reduction in pain intensity, even when not meditating.

Physiology experts recruited Zen meditators with a minimum of 1,000 hours of practice and conducted a pain test on them, comparing the results with non-meditators.

A thermal heating plate was placed on their calves and turned up to see what temperature they could tolerate.

The meditators were able to withstand an even higher temperature when in their meditative state ... though that could just be because they were sitting on their legs and couldn't feel a thing.

Scientists have discovered the remains of the world's biggest snake which was over 13 metres long and weighed more than 1,140 kilograms. 

The experts say the monster Boa named Titanoboa was so huge and fearsome it makes modern anacondas and pythons look cuddly by comparison. 

Living in the swamps of South America 60 million years ago Titanoboa would have spent much of its time in the water and snacked on alligators and crocodiles.

The fossil hunters - who made the discovery in orthern Colombia - say that the monster was so huge if it slithered past you it would be as high as your waist.

Memorial service held for shot toilet

A toilet which was shot and smashed when a man dropped his gun after going to the loo has had a memorial service held for it.

Last month the toilet was shot and exploded when a man accidentally dropped his handgun as he pulled up his trousers - it hit the floor and fired.

While the man was shot in the arm, the toilet suffered a fatal blow, but staff at the restaurant in Utah were keen it should not be forgotten.

On Friday they held a short memorial service for 'John' where they gave away his favorite toilet cleaner to guests and even commissioned a large flower arrangement.

Christian Martinez, manager of the Carl's Jr restaurant said John was survived by the men's urinal and wash sink.

Songsmith turns market crashes into music

Microsoft music software has been used to turn the plummeting share prices of companies such as Lehman Brothers and the Bank of America into disturbing songs.

German musician Johannes Kreidler used the Songsmith tool to convert charts showing the troubled institutions value into the eerie music.

Songsmith was designed to generate musical accompaniment to a recorded voice using simple parameters - but the experimental German musician uses it to great effect to make a satirical point.

Unsurprisingly the tunes often end with a series of depressingly descending notes, which won't be music to the ears of many CEOs.

Obama dolls get retired and renamed

Dolls baring a striking resemblance to President Barack Obama's two daughters have been renamed after complaints from the White House.

Makers had claimed it was pure coincidence that the Marvelous Malia and Sweet Sasha doll not only shared the names, but also the look of the Presidents girls.

But after First Lady Michelle Obama voiced her concerns Dollmaker Ty Inc has 'retired' the dolls and will now sell them as Marvelous Mariah and Sweet Sydney.

The money raised from the sale of the original $9.99 Ty Girlz dolls will now be donated to charity.

White House lawyers are said to be moving to rein in commercial use of the Presidents name and image ... so if you want that scary Obama dildo??? act fast.

Man tried to smuggle pigeons in trousers

Customs officers in Australia have caught a man who was trying to smuggle two pigeons into the country ... in his trousers.

The 23-year-old man - who had just got off a 10 hour flight from Dubai to Sydney - was initially quizzed when officers found he was carrying a container of eggs.

But when they took him to a private interview room they noticed he was walking funny and on examination they found he was wearing tights with a live pigeon concealed in each leg.

He even had a bag of seeds in a money belt around his waist. While it was first thought the birds had nested, closer examination showed he just had remarkably hairy legs.

VIDEO: Runaway snowball loose in London

Snow-loving Londoners built a 5ft tall snowball before losing control of it as it rolled down a hill.

The giant snow ball had been created by a group of random strangers on London's Hampstead Heath yesterday and weighed an estimated quarter of a tonne.

But when the group began to push the massive ball of ice down the hill it rolled out of their control and towards other people. 

One man tried to stop the runaway snowball was knocked over by it, while another who tried to RIDE it almost ended up as a pancake.

*Before forwarding this video to your friends and colleagues answer the following questions 1. Were you there. 2. Are you in the video, and 3. Had you told your boss you were snowed in at home?

There's something odd growing in the bathroom, but not in a bad way ... it's just a new bath-mat.

A designer has created a unique bath-mat which is made from 70 balls of Island and Forest moss held together in a foam frame.

She claims the 'moss carpet' feels good underfoot, is incredibly relaxing and will NOT smell when it gets wet.

Nguyen La Chanh, from Switzerland says the idea came to her when trying to think of a new way of having your plants inside your home.

Google has launched a new version of its global mapping software, now it lets you go underwater ... and back in time.

Underwater bathymetric map are used to help render images of the sea-floor in 3D using public and private data.

The Ocean feature will also give access to videos of 250 of the most endangered creatures and famous shipwrecks.

Google Earth 5.0 also lets users access geographical maps, satellite imagery and learn about the leading scientists, and ocean explorers.

Historical imagery even shows what certain spots looked like in the past - though you can't yet use it to find where you left your keys ... but Google is probably working on it.

Snow joke for confused zoo animals

While the recent snow seemed to take many people by surprise, few were more baffled than animals a UK zoos.

Creatures from countries which would never normally experience heavy snowfall were suddenly presented with inches of snow.

But at least the animals weren't as wimpy as one in five UK workers who claimed they couldn't make it into the office.

These elephants from Twycross Zoo even seemed to put on a dance performance proving that there's snow business like show business.

Woolworths is coming back ... online

Woolworths is set to be relaunched as an online only store ... complete with pick 'n' mix sweets.

A deal worth a reported £10 million with home shopping giants Shop Direct will see the brand - which closed 807 stores in December - develop an online presence.

On the Woolworths.co.uk site they are asking people to tell them what they liked most (or disliked!) about Woolworths so that it can be incorporated into the online store.

The new site will sell entertainment products like CDs DVDs and computer games along with children's clothes.

Bosses also say customers will still be able to but the famous pick 'n' mix sweets ... they just won't be able to 'taste' a few before they get to the till.

Poo will be used to power buses in Oslo

The Norwegian city of Oslo is converting its buses to run on human waste in an attempt to be carbon-neutral by 2050.

Starting later this year up to 80 buses will be adapted use biomethane which will be captured by sewage plants.

At the plants microbes will be used to break down the raw human sewage releasing the gas which can be contained and used to run modified engines.

City bosses claim the move will cut fuel costs as the same time as being good for the environment.

In London there is a similar scheme ... at least that's what the guy thinks who keeps pissing at the back of the No 266 to Brent Cross. 

Porn interrupts Super Bowl coverage

American football fans in Arizona had their Super Bowl coverage improved interrupted, by a porn movie.

Viewers of KVOA-TV had 15 seconds of male nudity from an adult cable television channel flash on their screen during the big game.

As they watched the NBC coverage of Arizona Cardinals' Larry Fitzgerald score on a long touchdown the screen flickered and the porn movie appeared in which a woman was seen putting her hands down a mans trousers and taking out his erect penis.

In accordance with the stop-start nature of American Football the action only lasted for a few seconds before the normal broadcast resumed.

Most first dates are arranged over SMS

Sending a text message is now the most popular way to ask someone out on a first date, a survey has found.

33 percent of people said they would opt for sending an SMS when asking someone out for the first time, rather than speaking to them face-to-face.

Worried about getting embarrassed if asking them out in person, or on the phone, sending messages like: "Gr8 2 c u. fancy a drink tmz nite?" is becoming more and more popular.

26 percent of those quizzed said they still prefer the traditional face-to-face approach - but 20 percent claim to have asked someone out via a social network like Facebook or Twitter.

The survey of 150 people also found 13 percent of people would ask someone out via an e-mail ... and hope their would-be partner didn't hit reply to all.

Gordon Ramsay swears 240 times in one show

200x190.jpgFoul-mouthed TV chef Gordon Ramsay has sparked a series of complaints by swearing a whopping 240 times during one show.

The chef is known as the host of "The F-Word" - so it should not have come as too much of a surprise - but that didn't stop viewers moaning to TV  watchdog Ofcom.

During 'Gordon's Great British Nightmare' Ramsay managed to drop the F-word 187 times with the Channel 4 show featuring a total of 312 swear word, that's one every 20 seconds.

A spokesperson for Channel 4 said that Gordon Ramsay is a well-known TV personality and viewers know what to expect. So he basically told them to F*** off and watch something else if they have a problem.

Naked man projected onto Tate Britain

An image of a naked delivery driver from Newcastle has been projected onto the side of Tate Britain in a bid to break the taboo of showing the male form.

But the stunt is not the product of the art establishment, 25-year-old Neill Richardson was dared to show off his body on a bragging website.

He sent in the picture - displaying his tattoos and behind - and it was (somehow) picked as the 'best' and projected 50ft tall onto the side of the famous art gallery.

Comparing the result to the images from 1999, when a naked photo of Gail Porter was projected onto the Houses of Parliament ... I can't help but think we have got a bum deal this time. 

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