BBC test card is back, now in HD

The BBC has introduced a HD version of the famous test card featuring a young girl playing noughts and crosses with a toy clown.

BBC Test Card F was first transmitted in 1967 and the photo is surrounded by test graphics designed to help people set up their TV.

But because new TVs are capable of showing much more detail, the card has recently not been of much use, until technicians remastered the original image for new High-definition televisions.

The famous photo was shown each night after programming finished from 1967 to 1998 meaning with over 70,000 hours of coverage Carole Hersee has been on TV even more than Bruce Forsyth.
Carole - the daughter of a BBC engineer who was just eight when the photo was taken - is now a 49-year-old theatre costume designer.

The technicians rescanned the original transparency in high definition and added test colours and graphic for new widescreen HDTV sets which can show 1080 lines of pixels.

Andy Quested - principal technologist, at BBC Future Media and Technology said on his blog: "The HD version uses the very famous picture of Carole re-scanned in high definition and added to an HD version of Richard Russell's well known widescreen test card."

"The centre of the test card has all you need to get the colour right. Carole's face should look natural and the primary colours in the picture (red dress and green and blue of the clown) should not be very bright."

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