Hamster powered paper shredder

A designer has come up with a environmentally friendly paper shredder ... which is powered by a hamster.

The bizarre device is the creation of 29-year-old designer Tom Ballhatchet who wanted to create a product that captured people's imagination while addressing issues of climate change and recycling.

As the rodent runs in its wheel the motion powers the shredder and the cut paper falls into the base of the cage as fresh bedding.

You just have to feel a bit sorry for the poor hamster, Tom say it takes them 45 minutes of running flat out to shred just one sheet of paper. But the hamster has made his bed, now he can lie in it.
Tom says the beauty of the shredder is that is solves the problem of destroys confidential documents and providing bedding for the pets all as the hamster goes about its normal life.

The design consultant from London is currently in talks with a number of companies to take his working prototype into fullscale production.

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