The man who blagged Christmas for free

Mike Essex is planning on having a very cheap Christmas, he has blagged everything wanted, for free.

The cheeky chappy from Telford has managed to convince people to give him £6,500 worth of free stuff - including a tree, a turkey and all the presents he will give to friends and family.

Mike, 23, contacts companies and gets them to part with their goodies by offering to email all of Facebook friends about the product or put a poster up in a window. He also reviews every product on his blog

But after blagging freebies for three years Mike said this year he wanted to see if it was possible to get everything he needed for Christmas day.

So far Mike has managed to get a tree and wreath (£50) a festive hamper (£30) turkey, and all the trimmings (£15) and gifts including an Xbox 360 (£100), Jack Daniels Chess Set and the entire DKNY range.
"I wanted to see if a normal bloke could get products for free, in the same way celebrities do, simply by asking," he said.

"I started blagging over three years ago but never has it been more important than in the current economy. Getting products for free allows me to try new things and save money in over areas of my life."

Asked whether his friends and family minded getting free presents he said: "It shows more dedication than going in to a shop and simply handing over the cash so people seem to take it to heart." 

"For example if you collected perfume samples from several shops and put them in a hand made box it shows far more heart than a £30 pre made gift set."

Mike says if you want to start blagging you just need to start talking to people and companies: "Create a unique offer that makes you attractive to a company in the same way a product given to a celebrity may appear in Heat magazine,"  he says.

"You could create a book club, offer to email all your Facebook friends, show a product to a key decision maker at work, put a poster up in a window, the only limit is your imagination."


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