Photos of teddy bears in space

It was one small step for bears, but a giant leap for teddy-kind when four teddies were blasted to the edge of space.

The furry toys were launched 30,000-metres into the sky as part of a project by the University of Cambridge and a local school.

A helium balloon was used to get the bears up up and away flying to Near Space or the Edge of Space as it is known.

The bears endured temperatures of minus 53 degrees on the three hour flight from Cambridge and all were returned safely to Earth.
Students who had been tracking the bears progress by GPS collected them from just north of Ipswich where they landed.

The project was intended to "engage local schoolchildren in science and engineering" with young pupils making the Teddy-nauts' space-suits.

"This was a really fun thing to do. The best bit was when we set the balloon off with the bears. The CU Spaceflight team made us really involved and we helped assemble all the equipment." said pupil Aiyana Stead age 12

No treasured possessions were endangered in this experiment. The four teddy-bears used were purchased specifically for the experiment

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