UK to get Star Wars hologram TV by 2018

3D TV sets which beam out images into the centre of your living-room could be sold in the UK within ten years, say experts.

Shows would be recorded with laser technology allowing the cast of Eastenders to soon be 'stood' in front of you warn claim the academics from Aberdeen University.

They say manufacturers are already working on the devices which will probably take the form of a small table with an imaging hovering above it, or a wall mounted television with an image coming out of it.

Either way your brand new 52inch high definition LCD television is going to look pretty antiquated fairly soon.
The team were part of a four year project to investigate the technologies and practicalities of introducing 3D TV systems to the mass market.

Professor John Watson says that the first 3D TV sets - with the viewer wearing 3D glasses - is near market and may only be a few months away and more advanced systems based on autostereoscopic technology, are already being piloted.

The ultimate 3D experience, he says, using fully interactive floating holographic images - similar to that which is seen when Princess Leia appears in front of Luke Skywalker as a hologram in Star Wars - could be on the market by 2018.

"It's likely that within three years we will see a TV on the market which will use autostereo systems to create 3D images, so that viewers do not need to wear traditional 3D glasses," he added.

"However, in ten years time it is highly probable that TV using holographic images which would appear to float as if in mid air will be available for consumers to purchase."

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