Barkingham Palace: The world's most expensive kennel

Two pampered pooches will soon be moving into the world's most expensive kennel, costing their owner a whopping £250,000.

A dog-loving surgeon commissioned architect Andy Ramus to design this kennel for her two Great Danes, so they could live in the 'yap' of luxury.

The deluxe 1,000 sq feet doghouse will be connected to the owners new £1.4m bungalow near Cirencester, Gloucestershire and will be filled with high tech treats.

Barkingham Palace, as it should be known, will have a retina-controlled dog flap, a spa area, a 52in plasma TV and a £15,000 sound system.

And to think, the dogs would probably have been just as happy if someone threw them a stick.
The pooches' palatial home will also be fitted with webcams so the owners can check in on them from anywhere in the world.

They will also be able to login and adjust the temperature in the doghouse or give them a treat from a dispenser.

The owners say that despite the credit crunch they did not 'paws' for thought before splashing the cash on their dogs.

Dee McCourt, from the exclusive 550-acre Lower Mill Estate where the house and kennel will be built in spring 2009, said: "It's amazing. This lady obviously cares an awful lot about her dogs. 

"We offer a bespoke service but it is the first animal request we've had." 

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