Canada meteor crash caught on video

A meteor which lit up skies over western Canada as it crashed to the ground, was recorded on a police video.

Some hope the tape could lead to there finally being an interesting episode of TV show Police Camera Action!

Officers in Alberta had a camera rolling in their patrol car when the meteor hit at 5:30 MT on Thursday evening.

Their footage shows a ball of light hurtling towards the Earth before disappearing in a bright explosion which locals claim made it look like midday for a split-second.

Many also say they heard a distant boom and experts are trying to analyze the footage and eyewitness reports to discover if and where the meteorite fell.
Astronomers say early suggestions are that it hit somewhere in central Alberta which has seen more meteorites and fragments of rock survive the fall from space to Earth than any other Canadian province.

Sci-fi fans have still got their fingers crossed that it was a rocket from the planet Krypton.
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