Little House on the Prairie gets porn rating

TV shows don't get much more wholesome than 70s new frontier hardship-fest Little House on the Prairie.

But that hasn't stopped DVD bosses in Finland rating the show as suitable for adults only.

The rating means DVDs of the classic children's show cannot be bought in Finland by anyone under the age of 18. Box-sets of the series will also be branded with a "Banned for under-18s" sticker.

The reason for the rating - normally reserved for porn movies - is not because the Ingalls were producing porn on the prairie. 

Skinflint bosses at Universal Pictures have refused to pay authorities 2 Euro per minute to assess the correct age limit for the TV series.
As a result they are allowed to sell the DVD but to minors.

Matti Paloheimo, Director at the Finnish Board of Film Classification, said: "Long series can get quite expensive to check, and some use this exemption in the law to their advantage. 

"Such unchecked material should not be shown to children publicly."

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