Designer tattooed pigs banned from art show

Pigs which were tattooed with the famous LV Louis Vuitton logo have been banned from a modern art exhibition in Shanghai.

Belgian artist Wim Delvoye had inked up the porkers to form part of an exhibition at the Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair.

But bosses and gallery owners are said to have found the tattooed pigs in poor taste, and instructed them to be removed from the "Art Farm" exhibit.

It is thought they would have preferred a nice crispy pork.

Delvoye tattoos his pigs when they are young and the tats grow with the animals. Buyers get to choose if they buy the £100,000 pigs live, or purchase their tattooed skins when they die of old age.
It is not just pigs, the high-class tattoo artist recently sold a tattoo off the on the back of a Swiss man for around £120,000. 

Under a unique agreement, when the man dies the purchaser will be able to keep the tattoed skin which depicts the Virgin Mary with a lifeless skull.

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