Toilets are the new offices for Americans

More than half of Americans have let their work 'spill' into their bathrooms, a survey has revealed.

53 percent of those quizzed by Nokia admitted taking a work related phone call or reading an email while on the toilet.

In the interest of openness we feel we should point out that a quick NewsLite straw poll suggested we here are even more likely to work from the loo ... where do you think I am writing this?
The survey of 500 people also found 24 percent have allowed a call or email to interrupt them while in the throes of passion, and 23 percent while on a date.

Julie Morgenstern, a time management and organization expert said: "We must have the discipline to maintain separation between work and personal life, so that both are balanced and fulfilling," said Morgenstern. 
"With focus, and the right tools, you can easily make the transition between the two - and better enjoy the best of both worlds." 

Sixty-two percent of people say they have had their personal lives interrupted by work 10 or fewer times each week. Conversely, a similar number - 65 percent - have had their work lives interrupted by a personal matter. 

"We do acknowledge that there may be times and places where it is considered appropriate to shut off your phone or email altogether," said a spokesperson for Nokia. 
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