Men prefer natural breasts to fake boobs

Men prefer women to have natural breasts rather than fake boobs irrespective of their size, a survey has found.

The survey of over 2,000 men - including a number of celebs such as Russell Brand and T4 host Steve Jones - found 89 percent of men would rather women kept their natural breasts than invest in a larger, plastic pair.

Did anyone tell Russel Brand he didn't need to go off and conduct his own 'research' into the matter?

The poll by Heat magazine also found 47 percent of men have felt a fake pair and 87 percent think bigger isn't always better. 29 percent said they thought padded bras were ‘false advertising’

Serial womaniser Russell Brand, said: "I prefer natural, to tell you the truth. In my thoroughly researched and valid academic view, they look amazing: the symmetry, the softness, the roundness ... it's the touch too." 
But T4 presenter, Steve Jones - who dated Baywatch star Pamela Anderson - disagreed adding: "If you want to know what implants are like, push your calf muscle against your leg. That's what fake tits feel like ... I find implants very sexy."

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Dave said:

I vote for big and natural.

Mr T said:


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