University teaches how to win arguments

A university course has been launched to teach students how to win arguments and even encourage them to become more argumentative.

Professors from the University of Kent say the course 'For The Sake Of Argument' will promote the skill by holding three arguments in a day and asking people to join in.

Students will be taught the art of rational persuasion including how to understand an opponent's position, devise good reasons and express themselves clearly.

But the course could come back to bite the boffins when students start using the techniques to argue for an increase in their grades.

Professor of Philosophy Laurence Goldstein said: "Arguing is an intrinsically enjoyable activity, and sometimes a view may be put forward that is so subtle and persuasive that it can be savoured like a work of art or a piece of music. 
"Arguing is also the best way to develop argumentative skill. 

"This involves the ability to understand an opponent's position and either refute it or abandon or modify one's own position in response.

"Some of the subjects we argue about are hugely important, and remain controversial even when opponents agree on all the evidence."


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