Number plate offers orgasm in your drive

Two cheeky car number plates resembling the words 'orgasm' and 'penis' have gone on sale for a whopping £250,000.

They are genuine, legal, officially issued UK vehicle registrations and anyone would be able to mount them on their UK car.

ORG 45M and PEN 15 have a price of £150,000 and £99,995 respectively, but the sellers warn any potential buyers should prepare themselves for some extra attention.

A spokesman for said of the PEN 15 plate: "The most endearing thing about this cheeky little number plate is that it attracts a great deal of attention. 

"Whilst driving around with it on our company Smart car, passing motorists and their passengers have made many an interesting gesture as they took pictures on their mobile phones."
They also say they have had problems selling the number plates because newspapers won't let them place adverts for them.

"We have tried publishing this in a very well known national newspaper, but they banned the ad containing it. Which is strange really, as they are quite willing to print pictures of naked women every day of the year."


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