Damaged your eyes looking at solar eclipse?

Thousands of people may have unwittingly damaged their eyes by glancing at the sun during today's solar eclipse.

Though there have been warnings about not gazing directly at the sun many are expected to have taken a quick look, risking permanent damage and possible blindness.

Experts say those watching the sun for just a few seconds could have 'solar poisoning' - permanent damages in their sight affected their eye's ability to recognise colour.

But they may not know it yet because it can take days to develop, along with permanent blind spots which cannot be treated even with medications.

"Even when the sun is almost completely covered by the moon and there's very little sunlight coming through, there's still an enormous amount of infrared and ultraviolet radiation" said a spokesperson for the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada before the eclispe started.
"Even though it does not hurt at that point to look at the sun, that radiation can burn your retina and burn it permanently. And then you're left with a permanent blind spot in your eye."

While a full solar eclipse was visible in Canada, Russia and China, millions of people in Europe experienced just a partial eclipse.
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