Women 'taxed' for having big breasts

Big breasted woman claim they are being discriminated against by companies which charge a 'tit-tax' on larger bras.

Campaigners say it is unfair that larger bras cost more than smaller ones when other items of clothing are the same cost irrespective of size.

They have now set up a Facebook page for well-endowed women to voice their outrage at stores like Marks & Spencer which adds a £2 surcharge on bras above a DD cup.

The Busts 4 Justice site reads: "Busts 4 Justice argue that the price equality that rules our outer-garments should apply to our undergarments too.

"Busty ladies, and anyone else with a vested interest in busty ladies, in fact anyone with a vested interest in simple justice, join forces to end this blatant discrimination."
In a matter of days the site has gained over 3,000 members.

Organiser Beckie Williams from Brighton said: "For too long now, M&S have got away with this criminally unfair tit-tax, which puts a £2 surcharge on bras bigger than a DD cup. 

"When challenged, M&S argued that bigger bras have bigger overheads and so must retail at a bigger price."


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