Science fiction style umbrella

275x250.jpg With large plastic bubbles surrounding their heads these people might look like extras from a bad 1970s science fiction movie, but they are actually wearing a new hands-free umbrella.

Makers of the Nubrella claim it will allow you to sip your coffee or chat on the phone while walking down the street on a busy day

The £30 device was designed by former tennis pro Alan Kaufman who has spent six years working on the product.
275x250.jpg "We all know the problem with umbrellas is that they invert, that's where I came up with the idea, because I said umbrellas are not great in the wind," he said.

Alan first thought of the idea while stood in a store in New York. Looking out on a wet and windy day he watched people struggling to keep their umbrellas upright.

Then he says the image of the Nubrella popped into his head.

"I never planned on inventing a product I just noticed a problem and came up with a solution," he added.


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Dave said:

Yes you get to keep your hair dry, but you do have to get used to the constant sound of laughter which suddenly starts following you around.

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