Police brag about car crashes on Facebook

Police officers in the UK have been blasted by bosses after posting sick images of their crashed police cars on Facebook.

The group 'Yes I Have Had A Polcol' has over 300 members and features dozens of images - some with officers posing up next to the accidents.

Met Commissioner Sir Ian Blair said it was “totally unacceptable” for officers to post pictures bragging about hitting pedestrians and damaging police cars and vans.

Along with the images police officers brag and boast of the incidents, some of which injured members of the public.

One entry even boasts about how many crashes a police officer has had, saying: "What's everyone's "impressive" record?"

"A DC I know claimed to have had 4 POLCOLS in his first 2 years of driving. Anyone top that?"

A Scotland Yard inquiry is now being launched into the group.
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