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Odd objects found in desks

(Odd News) A stuffed fox, a voodoo doll and fermenting wine are some of the weird items found in the drawers of UK office workers.

Relocation company Space Solutions say they have found such odd items when helping people move between offices they have produced a Top 10 list which also includes a racing car and a grand piano.

Space Solutions business manager, Lee Brandie, said: "It never ceases to amaze me the bizarre range of items which are stored in offices around the country."

Queen is a YouTube hit

(Quirky News) The Queen has become a hit on YouTube after her annual Chrismas Day message was broadcast on the video sharing website.

At 81 she might be older than most users but her channel yesterday attracted more than 2,000 hits per second making it one of the most popular on the site.

50 years ago in 1957  she became the first monarch to televise a Christmas address and this year the broadcast also went out on radio, analogue TV and high-definition digital TV.

Whale 'missing link' found

200x175.jpg(Strange News) Scientists have discovered the 'missing link' which proves whales and dolphins are the descendants of land based animals.

The deer like animal is believed to have lived 48 million years ago spending most of its time on land, but diving into deep waters to escape preditors.

While 'Indonyus' might not look like modern-day whales scientists say fossil evidence proves they share key anatomical features.

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